There will not be a Battle of the Beasts in 2014 – stay tuned for 2015

Unleash your beast

The time has come. Time to Unleash Your Beast.

Each of us has an inner Beast – the person we really want to be. Our Beast thrives on adventure. It longs to seize life in all its glory, and is not afraid of failure.

For most of us though, that Beast within is trapped. It lies dormant, repressed by the drudgery of routine and responsibility, trapped by the humdrum of society. Enough is enough. Now is the time – time to find your Beast, and let it roam free.

That ‘s what Beastworx is all about – Unleashing Your Beast. It ‘s about rediscovering your desire to make things happen. It’s about being challenged, seeking out adventure and testing your limits. Don ‘t let your Beast fall prey to the daily grind any longer. Take charge. Live like a Beast.

Are you ready to Unleash Your Beast? If so, The Battle of the Beasts is for you.


The Battle of the Beasts is a Canberra based mountain bike festival. It consists of three separate race styles and formats:

  • The Beast. This is the big one. A mountain bike endurance pursuit race that rips its way through the spectacular Namadgi National Park. The Beast is no ordinary enduro. It is a title fight. A battle waged between Beasts, for the sole purpose of earning the right to proclaim “I am The Namadgi Beast”. Of course, only two riders (one male and one female) will be able to claim the Beast title. Most of us will simply be stoked to get to the finish where, having conquered Namadgi ‘s heights, brawled its wild currents, and dared its devilish descents we can howl out with pride: “I am a Beast”.
  • The Flowing Beast. This is a race for people looking to show their support for the Soldier On charity whilst riding Canberra ‘s newest and most scenic mountain bike tracks. The Flowing Beast consists of a sequence of smaller race distances. These distances should provide every rider the opportunity to enjoy the Naas Valley flow at their own pace.
  • The Downhill Beast. This is a race for those Beasts who are seeking a bit of downhill bedlam. The race will occur on purpose built tracks that should provide enough jumps, bumps and general madness to entertain any downhill daredevil.

We ‘ll be joining these races together with a festive atmosphere, food and drinks. So if you think you have what it takes to Unleash Your Beast, why don ‘t you sign-up to join the Pack? There’s only one way to know for sure, skip the humdrum and enter the race.

The Humdrum

Race Date and Timings. The festival will be held over the weekend of 19-20 October 2013. Individual races will occur on the following days:

  • Flowing Beast – Saturday, 19 October 2013; Rego Opens: 1200; Race Brief: 1345; Race Start: 1400 (Note: Beastlets Beast is scheduled to start approx 1800)
  • Downhill Beast – Saturday, 19 October 2013: Please click here for CORC race timings
  • The Beast – Sunday, 20 October 2013; Rego Opens: 0630; Race Brief: 0810; Race Start: 0835


Where. The races will be held on a mixture of private and public land in the vicinity of the Naas Valley, near Tharwa (about 50 minutes south of Civic). The Flowing Beast will occur entirely on private land. In contrast, the majority of The Beast’s course uses trails in the south eastern corner of Canberra’s Namadgi National Park.Map to farm

Race format and distance. All races begin and end at Caloola Farm in the Naas Valley, A.C.T. Nevertheless, the format and distance differs across the races. Please note. We are still constructing the Flowing Beast tracks so these distances may change.

- The Flowing Beast is a loop circuit over private land and combines a mixture of single track, fire trail and farm tracks (see The Flowing Beast). It consists of the following distinct races:

  • Naas Beast. This will be a 42 km race for Solo riders (+15 years of age).
  • Curious Beast. This will be a 31 km race for Solo riders (+12 years of age).
  • Beginners Beast. This will be a 21 km race for Solo riders (+12 years of age).

- The Beast is a 72 km pursuit race open to Solo, Team (4 riders) and Pairs (relay) entries. The race follows a loop circuit that combines a mixture of private land and existing fire trails in the Namadgi National Park (see The Beast).

- The Beast + This year we are also introducing the Beast +, which adds an additional 21 km loop to The Beast, bringing the total distance to 93 km. The loop will be the same single track course as used for the Flowing Beast. To enter the race you just enter “The Beast” and keep riding – there is no extra cost.

- Downhill Beast. This is a downhill race based on tracks on private land. Please Note. This event will be run by Canberra Off-Road Cyclists (CORC). You will need to register for this event through a CORC registration process. Once the details are finalised we will place them on this website.

- Schools Beast. This is a race between Schools (teams of four), who will compete for “The Battle of the Beasts Shield”. The winning school will be determined based on the team ‘s average performance in both The Flowing Beast and The Beast (see the Schools Beast).

- Beastlets Beast. This is a kids event that will be held on a kids course on the Saturday afternoon. Depending on the numbers, the ride will be divided into the following age groups: under 12, under 8 and under 6 (see the Beastlets Beast).

Race categories. The race welcomes males and females who are seeking to Ride like a Beast. The race categories are as follows:

Categories - BoB

Race entry limits. The Beast enduro (72/93 km) is limited to a maximum of 500 entrants, so if you ‘re keen to have a crack at it, make sure you get in early.

Event administration. All event administration, including registration, will occur at Caloola Farm.

Cost. The cost varies depending on the races that you choose to enter. Please see the Pricing section of this website. A special early bird price will be available until the 30 June 2013.

Compulsory equipment. For safety and legal reasons we require all riders to carry the following with them during the race:

    • A mountain bike that is mechanically sound
    • An Australian Standards approved cycling helmet, which must be worn and fastened at all times (participants will need to show us this helmet at Race Registration)
    • A minimum of 1.5L of water/ rehydration liquid (You may need more)
    • The Event number plate – this must be mounted on your mountain bike ‘s handle bars (Beastworx will provide the Event Number Plate)

In addition, riders in The Beast will also require the following additional stores:

  • A toolkit comprising a pump and a spare inner tube
  • Adequate food for the duration of the race
  • A first aid kit (comprising 1 x crepe bandage, 1 x set of plastic gloves )
  • A space/ emergency foil blanket (you will be out in the middle of Namadgi so we want to cater for worst case scenarios)

Entries open/ Close. 01 May 2013 (open), 15 Oct 2013 (Close).

Still need convincing to coax out your Beast?

Here are some of the things that set The Battle of the Beasts apart from other races:

  • Festival. The event comprises downhill, endurance and short format races. We ‘ll be joining these races together with a festive atmosphere, food and drinks. For anyone with a bent for mountain biking, this is a weekend not to be missed.
  • Pursuit race. The Beast is a pursuit race. The reigning “Namadgi Beasts” will start slightly ahead of all other entrants. The rest of the pack will then chase these “Beasts” to see if they can claim the title. If they can ‘t, the riders get to keep their titles and the kudos, until the next year.
  • New and scenic tracks. Bored of riding on the same old tracks? The Battle of the Beasts courses are new and extremely scenic. We are presently making the Flowing Beast tracks, which look extremely promising. The Beast course remains a complete belter. Combining a mixture of cranking ascents, devilish descents and unrivalled scenery, the course will challenge even the most advanced rider, whilst still allowing any up-and-coming Beasts to unleash themselves.
  • Team racing. The Beast is not a relay – the chosen course lets you ride as a team, racing together against other teams. Teams can compete for ” The Beast Pack ” title or they can square off against other teams in a “Laying down the Gauntlet “ challenge. If you ‘re going to Unleash Your Beast, you might as well do so with some of your friends!
  • It’s about unleashing your Beast. Well, we hope so! We hope everyone will find a little bit of their inner Beast and have something to howl about at the finish.
  • You can help raise some funds for charity. A key driver for the event is raising money for Soldier On. Soldier On supports servicemen and servicewomen of the Australian Defence Force who have been wounded, physically or mentally, in the service of their country.
  • Enjoy some beautiful scenery. The Naas Valley and the Namadgi National Park are visually stunning. The National Park covers almost 50% of the A.C.T., so there are some fantastic trails and beautiful scenery. If you want to see some of the scenery you will experience during the race, please see the Event Brochure or just have a look at our Photos page.

So, what are you waiting for? Get a team together or join up by yourself. Spots are limited, so get your entry in quick. See you at the festival!